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    Anthropology of/in the post-socialist world


    Sborník Antropologie o/v postsocialistickém světě je souborem textů převážně mladých autorů z různých disciplín a teoretických škol v rámci sociálních věd. Tematicky je rozdělen …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… from 1882 until 1903: The Creation of a New Nation Olivera Markovic 59 Doing Fieldwork in Eastern…”
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    Handbook of alien species in Europe

    Biological invasions by alien (non-native) species are widely recognized as a significant component of human-caused global environmental change and the second most important cause of biodiversity …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “…Contents 1 A pan-European Inventory of Alien Species: Rationale, Implementation and Implications…”
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    Qualitative research for the information professional : a practical handbook

    There is a long tradition of quantitative analysis in the information profession, but even the most seasoned professionals often find research design, execution, and evaluation intimidating. This …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… 245 CONTENTS IX 14 Human resources in knowledge management: a case study 247 Introduction 247 Method…”
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    The transformation of czech and slovak societies on the threshold of the new millennium and their role in the global world : selected papers from the 21st World congress University...


    Sborník je souhrnem vybraných příspěvků z 21. Světového kongresu Západočeské univerzity v Plzni. Kongres se konal ve dnech 23. - 30. června 2002.

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… Enlargement Process...413 Lois A. Herman The Politics of Equal Opportunities in the Czech Reality ...423 Alena…”
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    Scala in action

    Nalezeno v plném textu: “… keeping in mind the definition of the mathematical functionthen for a given input your function should…”

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    Restlet in action : developing RESTful web APIs in Java

    Nalezeno v plném textu: “… Manning was looking for exciting new technology to add to its list, it was clear that a “Restlet in Action…”

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    Fundamentals of information studies : understanding information and its environment

    Lester and Koehler have vastly revised and expanded this brand new edition of the first textbook geared towards undergraduate information studies to approach the field from a multidisciplinary …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… Revolution 73 Social Implications of Information Technology 78 Conclusion 80 Questions for Consideration 81…”
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    Effective unit testing : a guide for Java developers

    Nalezeno v plném textu: “… contrast to part 1 in its approach, presenting a catalog of test smells you should watch for. Along with…”

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    Troubling motherhood : maternality in global politics


    Nalezeno v plném textu: “… southern branch of the maternal group the Mothers’ Front was astonishing for a society with a women…”

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    Designing the user interface : strategies for effective human-computer interaction

    The much-anticipated fourth edition of Designing the User Interface provides a comprehensive, authoritative introduction to the dynamic field of human-computer interaction (HCI). Students and …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… Statement for Early Design Review 129 3.9 Legal Issues 131 Practitioner's Summary 133 Researcher's Agenda…”
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