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    Social Choice and Individual Values

    The literature on the theory of social choice has grown considerably beyond the few items in existence at the time the first edition of this book appeared in 1951. Some of the new literature has dealt …

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    Rational choice

    Rational choice is the dominant theoretical approach in political science in North America and one of the main contending approaches elsewhere. This major new text provides a clear and accessible …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… choice theory 79 Arrow: social choice and individual values 83 Riker: liberalism against populism 86…”

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    Our choice : a plan to solve the climate crisis

    It is now abundantly clear that we have at our fingertips all of the tools we need to solve the climate crisis. The only missing ingredient is collective will. Properly understood, the climate crisis …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… OF INFORMATION...370 18 OUR CHOICE...392 INDEX...406 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS...41 1 CREDITS...415…”

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    First choice : A1

    Příručka učitele je standardní metodická příručka v anglickém jazyce., navíc obsahuje řadu kopírovatelných materiálů pro využití ve výuce. Vyučující, kteří dávají přednost …

    Nalezeno v plném textu: “… Treasure Hunt na webových stránkách www.fraus.cz v rámci webové podpory First Choice AI - Unit 12. one…”
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    Applied choice analysis

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… the beginning 3 1.1 Choosing as a common event 3 1.2 A brief history of choice modeling 6 1.3 The…”
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    Applied choice analysis : a primer

    In recent years, there has been growing interest in the development and application of quantitative statistical methods to study choices made by individuals. This primer provides an introduction to …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… preferences and constraints in choice analysis 71 3.4 Setting up a behavioral choice rule 74 3.5 Deriving a…”

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    Public choice III

    This book represents a considerable revision and expansion of Public Choice II (1989). As in the previous editions, all of the major topics of public choice are covered. These include: why the state …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… choice - allocative efficiency 9 2.1 Public goods and prisoners’dilemmas 9 2.2 Coordination games 14 2.3…”
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    Stated choice methods : analysis and applications

    Understanding and predicting the behavior of decision makers when choosing among discrete goods has been one of the most fruitful areas of applied research over the past thirty years. An understanding …


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    Equity and choice : an essay in economics and applied philosophy

    In this book Julian Le Grand offers an answer to an age- old problem: the meaning of an equitable or just distribution of resources. He examines the principal interpretations of equity used by …

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    Public finance in democratic process : fiscal institutions and individual choice

    This is a monumental work that outlines the dynamics of individual choice as it is displayed in the process of public finance. Buchanan is perhaps nowhere more clearly a disciple of the great Swedish …


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    Consistency, Choice, and Rationality

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… Rational Choice as Purposive Behavior 6 1.3 SamueLsons Weak Axiom 7 1.4 HouthakkeCs Axiom 12 1.5 General…”
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    Citizens, context, and choice : how context shapes citizens' electoral choices


    A large body of electoral studies and political party research argues that the institutional context defines incentives that shape citizen participation and voting choice. With the unique resources of …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “…, Context, and Choice 3 Russell /. Dalton and Christopher ). Anderson Part I Electoral Participation 2…”
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    Public choice: models, methods and applications

    In contrast to private choice, studied by traditional microeconomics, the public choice can be defined as an economic study of non-market decision making. The subject matter of public choice is the …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… Exercises...98 8.6 Comments...100 9. Voting as an Optimal Choice...101 9.1 The Model of an Individual Voter…”
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    Handbook of social choice and welfare. Vol. 1


    The Handbook of Social Choice and Welfare presents, in two volumes, essays on past and on-going work in social choice theory and welfare economics. The first volume consists of four parts. In Part 1 …


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    Parental choice of human capital investment

    Nalezeno v plném textu: “…Working Paper Series PARENTAL CHOICE OF HUMAN CAPITAL INVESTMENT Gerhard Glomm University of…”
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