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    The Glory of the baroque in Bohemia : art, culture and society in the 17th and 18th centuries


    Sborník deseti statí o českém baroku, jeho umění, kultuře i o jeho roli v historické reflexi, vznikl během příprav souborné výstavy Sláva barokní Čechie, pořádané v roce 2001 …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… AND PALACE The Baroque Aristocracy in a Time of Change (Zdeněk Hojda-Mojmír Horyna) 341-346 Catalogue…”
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    The painters of Japan : in two volumes

    Nalezeno v plném textu: “…, or lies in a delirium of lamentation about it. Sacred trees overhang from the background, and on…”

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    The system of professions : an essay on the division of expert labor

    In The System of Professions Andrew Abbott explores central questions about the role of professions in modern life: Why should there be occupational groups controlling expert knowledge? Where and why …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… 86 The Implications of Exclusion: A System of Professions 86 Sources of System Disturbances 91 The…”
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    The legend of Bohemian glass : a thousand years of glassmaking in the heart of Europe

    The Legend of Bohemian Glass provides a comprehensive overview of the history and traditions of Czech art glass. Divided into twelve chapters, the book details the evolution and development of …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “…Contents Foreword ...9 Chapter i The Art of Fire Is Bom... 13 Chapter 2 The Road to Fame...25…”
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    The invention of the passport : surveillance, citizenship and the state

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… Going: On the State Monopolization of the Legitimate “Means of Movement” 5 Monopolizing the…”

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    The sting of the wild

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “…CONTENTS Preface ix 1 Stung 1 2 The Stinger 9 3 The First Stinging Insects 19 4 The Pain Truth 31…”

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    The transformation of czech and slovak societies on the threshold of the new millennium and their role in the global world : selected papers from the 21st World congress University...


    Sborník je souhrnem vybraných příspěvků z 21. Světového kongresu Západočeské univerzity v Plzni. Kongres se konal ve dnech 23. - 30. června 2002.

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “… Opportunity in Education and Employment: Past, Present, and Future in a Free Society, the United States of…”
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    The development of self-government in the Philippine Islands

    Nalezeno v plném textu: “… developed a sort of antagonism between some branches of the government and the Filipino people. In every…”
    Vysokoškolské práce Ostatní vysokoškolské práce
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    Fundamentals of information studies : understanding information and its environment

    Lester and Koehler have vastly revised and expanded this brand new edition of the first textbook geared towards undergraduate information studies to approach the field from a multidisciplinary …

    Nalezeno v obsahu: “…Contents List of Figures Foreword Preface xv Chapter 1 The Impact of Information in Society 1…”
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